How to Create an On-Demand Delivery App like an Uber

November 11, 2019 Blog
Dreaming to be the next Uber? Here is everything that you need to create an app like Uber. Before taking you to the secret recipe of Uber success, let’s find some crucial clues to kill your quest regarding Uber sensation. The universal cab service Uber has proved to be a remarkable example for everyone searching for the ways to design Uber-like apps. Uber is now a super app not only because of its incredible features but there are more strategies that need your attention. Unlike any other service, Uber not only launch itself in the ridesharing market but also created a need among users. It means that Uber made users realized that there is no better option available than Uber to take an off to the desired destination. 
The strategy for creating market need is one of the core reasons behind the Uber-craze. The trick can work for almost every app similar to uber. To keep things simple for the readers, we can say that the Uber success mantra is all about finding a market gap, and brought the relevant solution to fill that gap. Just after the unbelievable upsurge in the Uber app demand, a lot of businesses started consulting On-demand delivery app companies to create On-Demand Delivery App. Uber app is an inspiration for the business-minded individuals and such entrepreneurs’ can also make the most from On-demand delivery app creation. Apart from Uber strategy, let’s focus on the technical front, and find how an app like Uber can be created.

How to build an app like Uber?

Uber Technical Stack 

If you want to develop an app similar to Uber, then first you need to explore how Uber works. Apparently, it seems easy Uber asks your current location, you insert your current and desired destination. Uber gets you a nearby driver to pick you up, and that’s it. But, it is not that effortless as it looks like. There is a bunch of technicalities involved in the on-demand delivery app. Below is a breakdown of technical stack required for the development of Uber-like services. 

  • Geolocation 

Geolocation is one of the most powerful feature. It is enabling users to track cabs and deliveries with the help of a map. The geolocation feature can be deployed differently, depending upon the platform requirements. If the developers are implementing GPS on Android platform, then they will do it with the help of Google’s Location APIs. For iOS platform, GPS can be integrated through iOS core location framework. Moreover, Android users can navigate through Google Maps whereas, iOS users relies on the MapKit. It is important to know that if you are about to build a food delivery on-demand app then GPS is a must-have feature. 

  • Push Notification 

Push notification is a feature that is designed to let users in the loop. According to various reputable on-demand delivery app developers, push notification is a go-to feature for all the on-demand services. The push notification feature informs the request status of the users. Just like GPS, the push notification feature also deployed differently on different platforms using diverse technologies. For Android push notifications, Google cloud messaging is required and for iOS, Apple Push Notification Service is needed.

  • Payment 

If you want to create an on-demand delivery app like Uber, then keep in mind that adding payment feature is significant. Your payment method should be in accordance with your target audience. Some of the most common payment methods are Stripe, Apple Pay, Payoneer, Google wallet and more. Uber enable its users to pay from either cash or credit. On Demand Delivery Like an Uber

Features of Uber-Like App 

If you want to make On-Demand Delivery App, then you must understand that the cost of development is associated with the app features and technicalities involved. Uber app is technically complex because it has two portals, one is for driver and the other passenger portal. Both portals have separate features designed let’s take a look at passengers features first.


As a customer, we all have used Uber app at least for once and we have experienced it that the first step to use the app is login/registration. Login feature also enables you to feed in your banking details to make payments easily.

Destination Details 

Just after login, customers are exposed off to a platform where they have to fill in their destination details including both the pickup and drop off locations.

Net Fare Estimation

The net-fare estimation feature provides an anticipated amount to let users know about the total expected fare for the destination.

Vehicle Selection 

Uber app also provides an option where users are allowed to freely select the vehicle. Moreover, each vehicle is presented with per kilometer price. 

Tracker for Driver Location 

There is also a tracker that helps users to find when the car will arrive to pick up. With tracking feature, users can easily track driver’s location and arriving time. 

On-board Driver Ratings 

At Uber’s passenger portal, users can check the ratings and review of a cab driver. The feature ensures maximum security against any mishaps. 

Payment Slip 

When a customer ends the ride, he receives a payment slip, which also automatic send on the user’s email id. 

Saved Routes 

Uber app saves customer history. It allows users to book a cab for their previously saved location. 

On Demand Delivery App Companies

Essential Features for the Driver’s Portal 

Just like customer portal, the driver’s portal also comprises some important features which are as follows. 

Driver’s Profile 

The feature enables drivers to provide their complete details with license number. It helps to make verification process transparent and simple. A number of on-demand delivery app development companies receive unlimited requests for the profile feature to design Uber-like apps because of its power to ensure security.

Message Alert 

Message alert is designed to notify a driver whenever a nearby customer books a ride.

Route Navigation 

The Route navigation is integrated in the Uber app because it helps the driver to find exact customer location to provide pickup or drop off. 

Ride Fare 

Ride fare shows the fare after discount to the cab driver. 

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an Uber-like App? 

Uber drastically transformed the way on-demand apps work, and that’s what caused businesses to clone uber. The rise in the on-demand delivery app clone was because of its ability to serve customers the way they want. However, businesses who want to find how much they need to spend to copy an app similar to Uber can contact On-demand delivery app development services for an accurate estimation. However, we are providing a rough cost structure based on various researches and estimations. First thing that businesses should keep in mind is Uber-like apps are complex and require app development for two apps at the same time. As previously discussed, one app is for the user and the other is for the driver. 


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Complex apps require more development cost therefore, mobile app development for On-demand services require you to throw more money. Let’s assume, if you are not willing to go with a highly competitive app then you can build a simple app with basic features. The simple app with basic features only will cost you somewhere around $7,500. Simple apps are easy to create and there is little need for the support and app maintenance. If you are medium-sized business and willing to design an app that can be a perfect mix of both advanced and basic features then the estimated cost will be up to the range of $20,000 to $25,000. 

  Business that are well-established, and want to deliver a fully-functional on-demand app, can get in touch with developers for on-demand delivery app. However, they should make their mind to at least pay around $50,000 to $60,000. For an advanced app. Make sure that these figures are not accurate since there are various technologies and features available. Depending on your app requirements, technological stack and feature set your cost will be estimated. An exact amount can only be determined with a detailed discussion with professional On-demand delivery app companies. 

Hire on-demand delivery app companies-Key Considerations 

  App development is a crucial process that not only involve money but also your business reputation and time may be at risk. Therefore, you have to be vigilant before taking the next step to on-demand delivery app development. There are a few factors to consider before getting your on-demand app ready. 

Understand App requirements 

Sit with a team of professionals to clearly understand why your business needs an on-demand app. I t will help you know what features your app should integrate and what purposes you need to fulfill. 

Determine your Dedicated Resources 

Once you have identified your app requirements and feature set, then you have to discover that how many resources you will need to deploy your app. the basic app similar to Uber needs the following resource structure:  2-4 developers  1-2 UI/UX designers  1-2 Backend developer  1-2 Quality Assurance Engineer  1 Project Manager. 

It’s Time to Get Started! 

It’s time to find the right on-demand delivery app builder for your business, and get your custom made app ready. Since you have clearly understood the features and technicalities now, we expect that soon you will kick start your disruptive on-demand business app.