Easier and Faster Mobile App Development Like Never Before With MEAP

November 28, 2018 Blog

Mobile applications are the core of businesses in today’s digital arena, with cutting-edge mobile hardware and robust software. Over 90% time on mobile phones is spent on mobile applications, and app stores are loaded with more than 2 million applications, giving users endless choices.

With an epidemic growth of mobile phones, there is an incredible demand for developing customizable mobile applications that are compatible with a wide range of devices, such as mobiles, tablets, desktops, wearable devices, and more.

Today’s competitive business world requires aggression and a spirit to develop mobile apps that offer two-way value, benefitting app providers and app users. Mobile Enterprise Application Platform addresses enterprise-level concerns and provides growth and value to companies.

This article explores how MEAP makes mobile app development easier and faster!

Requirements for Efficient Mobile Apps for Enterprises

Mobile applications for enterprise demand perfection, as the user experience and interaction directly influences customer satisfaction and speaks for the company’s services.

Mobile applications for enterprises must have an agile lifecycle. Rapid advancements in mobile technology ask for fast changes and adaptation. It is difficult for companies to update their applications frequently as the process is costly and interrupts business operations. Although the frequency of change motivates developers to upgrade their skills, there is a need for a platform that offers flexibility to navigate the app lifecycle.

An ideal MEAP allows easy and fast development of mobile apps for enterprises. It comprises of a broad range of functionality that supports development, deployment, monitoring, and maintenance.

Development and Deployment via MEAP

There are three ways to develop mobiles applications, keeping in mind the underlying tasks required for development, deployment, and maintain the app landscape.

Native code development facilitates app developers to build products from scratch. It is costly because a team of proficient developers is required to make an app. The method is time-consuming and less scalable.

Platform code development uses JavaScript of HTML5 to develop new brand codes for each device and operating system. This method is expensive as developers modify codes for specific platforms.

MEAP is an automated and feature-driven development platform with rich libraries of pre-configured business modules, extensive design studios with thousands of well-research user interface designs, and pre-connected technology. The platform lets developers choose functionality and features by a simple drag and drop. MEAP enables you to develop enterprise-level mobile applications that suit the dynamic nature of business applications.

MEAP allows rapid development and deployment through its pre-developed features. It provides high-end platform connectivity, supported via high-level languages. It makes possible rapid development of apps through reusable modules and components.

Maintenance and Monitoring via MEAP

Enterprise-level applications require modifications to accommodate new features and improved functionality. The changes require monitoring to ensure their complete utility. MEAP allows effective deployment of new features by immediately pushing the elements to the app users, without compiling or writing additional codes. The platform monitors the application from the developer’s as well as the clients’ side. It gives developers valuable insights that help in improving the application, based on user interactivity and feedback.

Impact of MEAP on Overall Performance of an App

Optimizing apps for different devices and operating software is troublesome and expensive. Today, businesses are operating globally, and flexibility requirements are high. For example, even the most straightforward applications require configuration in at least two languages for the local segment. MEAP addresses these concerns of traditional development and helps developers in making agile apps.

An application must have personalization, scalability, high-end security, high performance, and secure connectivity.

MEAP allows applications to host thousands of users, without affecting the speed and efficiency of the app. The platform possesses the flexibility to let developers build an application that is deployable to an infinite number of people across the enterprise.

A slow and lazy application drives users away and damages the reputation of a company by reflecting inefficiency. Mobile users have short attention span than desktop users and exit the app quicker. Therefore, mobile apps must have high speed and performance. MEAP grants fast performance to mobile applications for greater user experience and higher retention.

Security is a vital aspect of every mobile application. People have valuable and private data in their phones, such as documents, photos, and passwords. Also, the data on employees’ mobile phones requires high-end security to protect data breaches. Via MEAP, mobile applications are built in consideration of the security requirement of a company and its users. It provides a platform, device, and application-level security to offer utmost protection across channels.

MEAP facilitates personalization which boosts user experience. It shows relevant content to app users which keeps them engaged and maintains the overall flow of information. It means that every user will see different content, based on his interests and choices.

MEAP revolutionizes mobile app development, for faster, easier, and more efficient development, with lesser chances of error. It allows high performance, irrespective of the number of users, and provides high-end security across devices and operating software. MEAP makes smarter and cooler apps like never before!


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